Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience with Professional Installation Services

Immerse Yourself in High-Quality Audio and Video with Our Customized Solutions


Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience with Professional Audio and Video Installation Services

At Travers Home Solutions, we understand the importance of a seamless and immersive home entertainment experience. That's why we specialize in providing professional audio and video installation services for homeowners like you. Whether you're looking to set up a state-of-the-art home theater or install a whole-house audio system, our team of experts is here to help.

Home Automation

A home automation system offers a myriad of compelling benefits that elevate modern living to unparalleled levels of convenience, efficiency, and comfort. With seamless integration of smart devices, appliances, and lighting, homeowners gain complete control over their living spaces, enabling them to remotely manage and optimize energy consumption, leading to reduced utility costs and a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The system's ability to automate repetitive tasks such as adjusting thermostats, setting schedules, and monitoring security enhances safety and frees up valuable time. Furthermore, the integration of voice commands and mobile applications empowers residents with effortless access, making it a truly user-friendly experience. Ultimately, a home automation system not only streamlines daily routines but also enhances the overall quality of life, providing a futuristic and intelligent living environment for homeowners to relish.

Home Entertainment

A home entertainment system brings a captivating world of immersive experiences right to the comfort of one's own living space, offering a multitude of enticing benefits. With cutting-edge audio and video technologies, it delivers unparalleled sound quality and crystal-clear visuals, elevating movie nights, gaming sessions, and music listening to a whole new level. The integration of smart devices and streaming services provides limitless entertainment options at one's fingertips, granting access to an extensive library of content. Additionally, a well-designed home entertainment system fosters social connections, as it becomes the go-to gathering spot for family and friends, enhancing bonding experiences and creating lasting memories. Moreover, it enables personalized experiences, allowing users to curate their preferences and enjoy content on their terms. Overall, a home entertainment system transforms any space into a captivating hub of entertainment, enriching leisure time and redefining the way we indulge in multimedia delights.

Your Free Consultation

A consultation for a home entertainment system is a crucial initial step in the process of designing and implementing a customized and immersive entertainment experience tailored to the client's preferences and lifestyle.

  • The consultant will conduct a thorough discussion with the client to understand their entertainment preferences, interests, and priorities.

  • Understanding the available space and room layout is essential to recommend suitable equipment and audio-visual arrangements that complement the existing interior design.

  • Based on the client's preferences, the consultant will assess the audio and video components needed for optimal performance.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Professional Audio and Video Installation

Customized Solutions for Your Home Entertainment

Tailored Audio and Video Installations for an Immersive Experience

Expert Installation Services

Professional Installation by Skilled Technicians for Optimal Performance

Seamless Integration

Integration of Audio and Video Systems for a Unified and User-Friendly Experience

Exceptional Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Attention to Detail and Commitment to Delivering the Best Entertainment Solutions

Warm words from our customers

“I am absolutely thrilled with the home entertainment system designed and installed by the expert team at Travers Home Solutions. From the initial consultation, they listened attentively to my preferences and crafted a personalized setup that exceeded my expectations.“

Linda M.

Westfield, NJ

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom Travers for my home entertainment system, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The consultation process was thorough and insightful, helping me discover the perfect audio and visual solutions tailored to my preferences and budget“

Christian L.

Summit, NJ

“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Travers Home Solutions for transforming my home entertainment dreams into reality. The consultation was an eye-opening experience, as their team took the time to understand my unique interests and crafted a bespoke system that catered perfectly to my needs“

Justin K.

Mountainside, NJ

Meet Tom Travers

Tom Travers, a long time resident of Westfield, New Jersey, with over 20 years experience in fiber optic engineering, custom residential and industrial wiring installations in the audio/video field, established this company in response to the need that most homeowners have with the installation of many of the new and exciting audio/video products on the market.

Tom will personally come to your home or office to brief you on your installation options and in many cases, to provide a free consultation regarding the best system for your space and budget. Once you make your decision, he will install your system in a timely and professional manner.

Travers Home Solutions is known for their high quality workmanship, thorough, clear instruction in the use of the system as well as a follow-up program to provide ongoing support.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Professional Audio and Video Installation.
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